Sarah Romanowsky is a versatile aerialist, blending her background in dance with her technical & artistic approach to silks, hammock, hoop & rope. She has been seen in the air for TV projects such as Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards, Disney's Shake it Up, Red Bull New Editions campaign & Chevy's Super Bowl commercial featuring the cast of Glee. Live stage productions include Radio City Music Hall's Spring Spectacular, Cirque du Soleil's One Night for One Drop, Fantasy at Luxor, Cirque de la Mer, & Meatloaf’s Rocktellz & Cocktails.. Sarah has been fortunate to share her passion on stages Internationally, including productions in Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Antigua, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, France & Singapore. She specializes in strong, dynamic, musically-driven aerial choreography and thrives on sharing her art with audiences and students alike!


Enni-Maria got in to the circus world at the age of 10. Now she has been flipping around on a bar suspended by two ropes hanging from the ceiling for 13 years. The Trapeze. After two professional circus schools under the wisdom of some of the world's best coaches she has found a more challenging and dynamic approach to her discipline which is not maybe so often seen on a fixed trapeze. With her 15 kg friend of steel and rope, she has been travelling the world with various companies such as Burnt Out Punks, NoFit State Circus and at the moment with her own circus company FAUNA. And many other projects through the years.


Johannes studied music at the Conservatory of Vienna, from where he graduated summa cum laude. He played drums in different bands and theater productions before he started touring on four continents with STOMP in 2001. 2006 he was invited to be part of the original cast of Pandemonium, a new orchestral show by the makers of STOMP (which also completed a series of sell-out shows at Sydney Opera House). Since 2006 Johannes has been working as a composer and choreographer, giving workshops and seminars all over Europe, realizing music projects with youth groups and school classes in Austria, Switzerland and France as well as performing with different ensembles like STOMP and Body Rhythm Factory, but specially, since 2015, with his two duo shows Funky Currwurst Brothers

and Groovetrotters. Johannes is based in Vienna, Austria.

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Kerstin & Uwe have been teaching and performing together for the last four years. They founded Grazer Akrosphäre together, an association which promotes circus arts in Graz. Now they live at different places (Graz and Berlin), but continue working and training together whenever they can. At the Circus and Movement Camp they will teach partner acrobatic workshops and present a preview of their 30 minutes show „A short enounter“.



Verena Schneider is a circus artist and performer. She studied in Italy (FLIC - Scola di Circo) and France (Toulouse- Le Lido). Her Solo performance is called “FUNK” (Title provisoire; work in progress) which is combining acrobatics, movement and physical theatre. Verena is teaching handstand and acrobatic movement.



Carsten “Lumière” Sasse received his education at the dance academy in Arnhem / The Netherlands with several teachers. His repertoire included Vaganova, Graham, Limón and Floor Release-technique as well as Flamenco, Jazz and Improvisation. After his education he continued his studies in Modern Contemporary, Hip Hop, Pilates and Power Yoga at the Henny Juriëns Foundation (HJS) and at the Amsterdam Dance Centre (ADC). He worked together with several well-known choreographers and dance companies like dance theatre group “De Meekers” and “de KISS moves” from Amsterdam which works as a Fusion Company, combines different dance styles and celebrates great successes in the Netherlands. Carsten also stood on stage with Herman van Veen, musical star Stanley Burleson and performed on television during the TV-show “Move like Michael Jackson”.


Since a few years Carsten “Lumière” fully concentrates on choreographing and teaching his e-motion dance style which motion language impresses through clarity as well as through always surprising choreographic inspirations, embedded in an incomparable emotional density. As an international guest teacher in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Greece, Croatia and the USA he is one of the most requested newcomers on festivals like Tanztage.com, Tanzsommer Innsbruck, Ginaworkshops Hamburg, Tanzsommer Bozen, Dance Alps Festival St. Johann in Tirol and in academies like the Iwanson Academy Munich and the Tanz-Musical-Akademie in St. Johann in Tirol. Since 2013 Carsten is one of the fixed choreographers of the DanzUp Company under the direction of Beate Stibig-Nikkanen. Recently he gave his first master classes in Westbrook, Cambridge and New York City.


Besides his wide range of dance activities Carsten “Lumière” is very devoted to photography and filming. He regularly supports other dancers and fellow artists with portfolios and promotion videos under the brand MVA – Moving Visual Artist.



When Linda was only four years old, she attended ballet classes. Just two years later she started training at the performance centre for rhythmic gymnastics in Innsbruck. Afterwards she became a member of the national cadre in Vienna. In 2011 she celebrated a great success with her team when they won the national championship for rhythmic gymnastics.

At the age of 15 she decided to take a different path. She visited the dance and musical academy in St.Johann in Tirol and graduated in june 2017. On the side she teaches ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance classes and even the gymnasts from the performance centre in Innsbruck are delighted to call her their teacher. Additionally, Linda has a certificate for dance education and she was also a teacher at the circus&movement camp 2017.



Isabella Maria experienced her love for hula hooping in 2012.

Already one and a half years after studying on her own, she started teaching hoopdance in her hometown in Upper Austria. And totally unexpected, as she discovered her love for the art of hooping, she found a deep affection in sharing her greatest passion with others. Today Isabella is one of Austria's first certified hoop teachers and is teaching weekly classes and various workshops in and around her hometown and on different national and international events. Her students love

her for being really enthusiastic and motivating and for her patience to explain every move in detail. She is also bringing her creativity to life by producing hula hoops and, together with her boyfriend, various videos, as the video of last year's Circus and Movement Camp edition.




Zu mir lässt sich sagen: Yoga begann klassisch mit einem Besuch eines Yogakurses. Grund: Kreuzschmerzen. Bald erkannte ich, dass sich viel mehr für mich dahinter befindet und ich viele Interessensbereiche und Einstellungen damit verbinden konnte. Yoga wurde zu meiner Lebensphilosophie. Um das Wissen zu intensivieren, durfte ich die Yogalehrerinnenausbildung (Vinyasa Flow -Hatha Yoga) und einige Fort- und Weiterbildungen absolvieren. Das Unterrichten war nie so geplant. Heute kann ich sagen, ich liebe es. Die hingebungsvolle Art, die gefragte Kreativität, Stärke und Stabilität im Vinyasa Flow bieten, neben dem teils verkopften Beruf als (Werbe-)Texterin, einen großartigen Ausgleich. Seit 2016 unterrichte ich nun - ruhig und verspielt, dynamisch und ausharrend.