AkrobaTirol is an association of easy going, colorful people, who are united by a vision: The vision to create something new and unique in our homeland, Tyrol. Our passion for acrobatics of all kinds led us to believe that a playful and enjoyable access to movement is not only art, but also bliss. We are organizing this camp to share our passion and provide an international playground for all those, who search for it.


AkrobaTirol is our label, Verena Steiner the beating heart:




I am a proud mom of a three-year old son and an enthusiastic acrobat. My vision began with Hula Hooping and the creativity that came with it. It’s the fusion of being in flow, dancing and acrobatic strength that fascinates me.

I have been a certified hula hoop teacher for about three years now and during that time I have organized various small acrobatic trainings and workshops in the region. Currently I’m also practicing as a pole dance and aerial hoop teacher. Working out in order to improve my performance and holding classes has proved to be a good way of balancing motherhood and life as it is. By now I have the feeling that AkrobaTirol is kind of my other baby. I have found that the camp is a unique opportunity to get in touch with interesting artists and to broaden my own horizon. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your lifelong dream become reality.


Thanks to you all!




Linda Mader is my friend, my helping hand, my inspiration and an amazing dancer. She started with rhythmic gymnastics at a very young age. I’m happy that she is going to manage the Camp with me and teach by my side to make it an unforgettable experience for all of us.

Lisa Scherzer is very creative and resourceful graduate of the” Glasfachschule”, a school that concentrates on the artistic processing of glass, our facility manager, in charge of show administration and management, texts, organization, deco. In short she is our all-rounder.

Ruth Geisler is our secretary, expert for legal stuff, very flexible, applies herself in all and any situations.

Elvira Elfgard is our  fairy for creative writing and every kind of translation, may it be texts for our website or invitation for artists. Grewing up in a bilingual patchwork family, she tries her best in charming us with words and bringing our creative concepts to paper, not only in German, but also in English. 


Matthias Baumann and Günther Steiner are responsible for the set up and installation.